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Sempulse empowers medical professionals to perform detailed analyses of multiple patients remotely from a single device or smartphone. Our patient management platform remotely monitors 100s of patients’ vital signs simultaneously, in real-time, using a compact sensor and user-friendly app. Automated alerts and updates keep your team up to speed 24/7 from any location. A secure, centralized database facilitates collaborative care. Cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning automate data organization, pattern recognition, and the prioritization of finite resources, allowing medical staff to focus on caregiving.

LiveCharts App and Halo Device


Sempluse can be applied across numerous industries as an essential multi-purpose tool for many diverse use cases.


We need to get this into SOCOM ASAP and make sure this ends up in everyone’s IFAKs (Individual First Aid Kits).
VADM John Morgan USN 3-Star Admiral
It’s so small; I’ve never seen anything even near this form factor.
William Harris USN SEAL Team 6 Medic
This has more functionality than everything else I’ve seen put together.
Chris Mazzacane USN SEAL DEVGRU Medic

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