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Sempulse’s Halo monitor applies in seconds to the back of the ear and wirelessly monitors 100s of patients’ vital signs, non-invasively, during motion, and in austere environments. That’s pulse oximetry (SpO2), pulse rate, respiratory rate, core body temperature, and skin temperature within 2 seconds of application.This data is then securely transmitted to a medic’s tablet and simultaneously to remote physicians to allow them to add their expertise.

Today, medics have to manually take vital signs with their fingertips and stethoscopes and then subjectively decide who to help first. Our system automatically retrieves patients’ vital signs, objectively prioritizes them by severity, and then allow medics to actually do what they’re trained to do: care for the wounded.


According to the U.S. Army, during the last 2 major conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan 51.4% of those soldiers who did not come home died of potentially survivable causes. Outpatient surgeries are on pace to double within 3 years. Mass casualty events leave first responders unequipped to locate and treat patients in priority order – sometimes people are lost because they weren’t seen in front of others who could have managed to wait. Nursing home populations will continue to increase with the influx of Baby Boomers. Multiple vehicle traffic accidents require patients to wait for multiple ambulances to accommodate the wounded. All of these pointed us at Sempulse to create the Halo, a small, lightweight vital signs sensor that affixes to the neck and the back of ear, leaving full mobility and sensory awareness, and delivers high efficacy vital signs monitoring within seconds while people live their normal lives. Sempulse: Because Every Life Counts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this important?

‍Military medics use the same tools and techniques that were used in WWII: their fingertips. First Responders are left to buy their own tools and visually assess someone. Millions of people work without health oversight. With all the technology that everyone is already carrying, it's about time that modern technology came into play for triage and workplace health.

‍Why doesn't this already exist?

‍We get asked this a lot. Similar devices show up a lot in science fiction and video games, but the technology to acquire all of the biometrics to get the 5 major vital signs wasn't small enough to make it possible for everyone until just recently.

‍Where did this idea come from?

‍One of our partners came back from Afghanistan a few years ago. We stopped to order a pizza and our partner's app on his phone knew exactly where he was and remembered what he ordered last. He asked, ``why couldn't we have this over in Afghanistan?`` That question started everything.

Sempulse Features & Videos

Sempulse Features

Sempulse provides 4 distinct products that are flexible both in combination (they can be decoupled or assembled as needed) as well as configuration of each (protocols, security assets, etc). Sempulse is intentionally designed to be open and flexible in order to be interoperable with existing hardware and software used by our clients.


  • Halo Device – Miniature vital signs sensor with wireless connectivity
  • LiveCharts App – Real time, reliable and continuous (multi-patient) measurements and patient prioritizations
  • Command Cloud – Remote physicians, telemedicine, evacuation / transit
  • Life Analytics AI  – Artificial Intelligence structures, prognosis engine, protocol tools, and data services

Download the Sempulse Overview video.

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