From the battlefield to the emergency room, Sempulse technology strives to create a safer environment and improve medical treatment and physiological monitoring.

Our Technology

A patented, non-invasive vital signs monitoring platform that provides physiological feedback to support analysis, and decision making in triage, virtual health, and human performance optimization.

Five major vital signs (HR, RR, Sp0₂, BP, and Temp.) are live monitored using the Halo device.The Halo device weighs less than 1 oz and easily attaches to the back of the ear and neck, which has been scientifically proven to be among the most accurate and efficient locations on the human body for acquiring physiological data. Halo connects via Bluetooth to smart devices where the patients’ vital signs are easily viewed and analyzed on the LiveCharts app (Android and iOS configurable). Our app makes analysis quick and simple with customized viewing, alerts, and update options based on user requirements.

The collected data is transmitted to Command Cloud, a secure database, where the data is managed, analyzed, and shared. With Command Cloud your data is readily available 24/7 from any location, facilitating team collaboration and analysis. Sempulse’s Life Analytics assist by combining collaboration APIs, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide automated data organization and alerting to potential issues or variations in feedback.

Our platform is capable of monitoring, automating, analyzing and disseminating hundreds of users’ data simultaneously from any location. Our technology’s applications are continuously expanding as we learn more from newly collected data sets acquired by Life Analytics. Sempulse gives scientists, athletes, and medical professionals the opportunity to study human biology on a level never before seen.

Cuffless Blood Pressure
Pulse Oximetry
Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate
Body Temperature